Album Review: Mania – Fall Out Boy

After a series of delays, mixed reactions and a contemplative year ahead of Fall Out Boy, I’m not sure if 2018 is to be the year of promise or disappointment. And with Mania… well, we’ll see. To be clear, I am reviewing the digital edition of the album, and so will follow that track-listing.

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My Music List of 2017 part 2


It’s part 2 of my list and don’t worry, we’ll be focusing on the good this time. So are you ready? Buckle up and sit tight because you might find yourself a good companion in a headphone alright.

Please do reminded that this is just my opinion, and don’t take it with salt or sugar.

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Mr. Burnham [Short Story]

“I know where I placed them, I think,” I said to the hooded stranger – his face covered in the slight shadow – who had appeared as many times as the re-run television show that I watched religiously every weekend. “So now that I’ve got them, with your extremely useful help, you can ‘shoo’ now. Run along.” I gave him the universal gesture to get lost and plopped back down on my couch with coffee in hand. Down on the side was my misplaced door keys – which the stranger got for me – along with the television remote.

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