Hey there! 

So what exactly is a ‘write cafe’? And why is it not a ‘writing cafe’? Well, see, everything is about style and substance. Thank God I have neither.

Anyway, in case you really want to know, then you should know that writing is a hobby and passion of mine. Now, I know sleep is king and the flames of holidays shine bright, but crafting stories are kind of fun and that’s usually what I do when I have nothing to do. Usually, writing comes after sleep. And eating, of course.

Here, at Ben’s Write Cafe I will be posting short stories and a web serial, where hopefully I’m able to commit to both and not one at some point. That should be fun. Yeah, you’re free to join on in. I might even delve into gaming topics or music. Should be fun. Oh, and if you are curious about the latter two, you might check out TheB30Web where I was from. Same person, yeah, and same thoughts.

All of the links to my subsidiary pages are on the sidebar displayed on the right. There, you’ll find hopefully everything to get you sorted in any case of an emergency, or worse.

If you have comments, questions or any queries regarding the stories, posts or anything of that sort, feel free to use the contact form or just e-mail me directly. You can comment, too, on the posts. Compliments and criticisms welcomed, but do try to string them in a constructive way and tell me when I’m doing wrong or right, whenever applicable.

You’re in good hands, I hope. No, that’s not my hands touching you right now.

– Ben